TOP 2018 – New Launch Condo

We know that now a day’s a condo’s variety was huge than the single-story house or a double story house. The builder constructs the no. of blocks of buildings and divides the blocks into many apartments into a small area. They can use the small area very effectively and efficiently which attract the people attending.

Mostly the condo was cheaper than the houses. They have a less rent than the house. The condo top 2018 was as follows which have the advance luxurious equipment or things. The Singapore condo top 2018 was slightly different qualities than the previous year condo’s.

There were many different types of condo’s were listed below;


This condo is located in Geyland. This is the condo top 2018. The developers of this condo are very famous and the name is one development Pte Ltd. It is located in district 13. The total residential units that are present in this condo are 112 units. This property of this condo is freely held. There are many facilities attached to these condos. These are very beautifully designed. The prices of these different residential units are dependent on the material that is used in construction and the facilities attached to them.


This new condo top 2018 is located on the Thompson road. The main location of this condo is District 20. This property is developed by the best developers named as Fortune properties Pte Ltd. The total residential units in this condo are 75. Its TOP is 2008.


This condo top 2018 is located on the mount and this is developed by the mounting development Pte Ltd. The district is numbered as district 14. The residential units in this condo are 868. The tenure of this condo is 99 years and the property is freely held. The residential units are made very beautifully by the developers and their design is made according to the people who are going to buy in it and they are provided with a lot of facilities.

As we see that there was a huge no. of types or varieties in a condo top 2018 and every condo has its own characteristics or consist of different areas and different prices. The prices of the condos are based on the location and also on the facilities attached to them.

The condo top 2018 have a very high rate. The condo top 2018 is constructed according to the wants of the residents. The constructors of these condos are trying to decrease the complaints so that the condos are liked by everyone.

As we show that the condo ’s consist of two three and four bedrooms. The developer of the condo top 2018 described the qualities of apartments and their specification. The tenure gets confirmed all the conditions with condo owner. Then the owner shows them the different condo types of condos usually depend on two three or four bedrooms.

Nowadays each information about condo can be given on the following websites or the people can have also the facility to search the condo by just writing his demand or area in a specific column that is given then the varieties of the condo are a preview and you can select the condo according to the need.

Condo top 2018  having the following facilities.

  • Lounge pool
  • Aqua gym Steam rooms
  • Spa sanctuary
  • Jogging track
  • Outdoor fitness
  • Corner
  • Car park
  • Viewing deck
  • BBQ area
  • Reflexology
  • 24 hours security
  • Water features
  • Suntan deck
  • Children’s play
  • Zone
  • Clubhouse

Which differ the 2018 condo from the previous year condo and increase the demand and attraction of the people. The effective work can increase the rate of this condos.

The condo top 2018 is very high in demand because of its features and characteristics and also the facilities that are attached to these condos. They are now being designed according to the wish of the people. The residential units that are available are used for rental as well as for the own purposes. The rent is sometimes charged monthly or yearly.

With the increase in population, the needs of people regarding the condos are increasing in the terms of prices, location, and many other variables.

For example, we take some property information like.

The name of this property is Clementi that is located on street 15. All the condos consist of 3 bedrooms. The area that is covered under each condo is 102 sq ft. some bedrooms are partially and some are fully furnished.

Facilities in this Singapore condo price

  • Renovated
  • Park/Greenery view
  • Air conditioning
  • Cooker hob/hood
  • Water/Heater

Many other facilities are available in this Singapore condo as you want in your dream house. So we have different house opportunities on different Singapore condo 2018.

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