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There are many new condos for sale in Singapore for those people who are looking for quality living in Singapore. This article provides a well-informed choice for the people who are looking for new condos for sale in Singapore. These condos are offering a great level of satisfaction to their clients. The efficient information about real estate is provided through this article. These new condos for sale in Singapore are constructed according to the preferences of people who are looking for the dream house for themselves and their families. These new launches range from residential buildings to commercial buildings. The new residential building includes the following:

  • HDBs
  • Private condos
  • Landed properties

These new condos for sale in Singapore is providing many people with the quality living, affordable prices, accessible area, at the different locations of an island. These new condos for sale are fulfilling the needs of people relating to real estate.

Condos that are open for booking:

  1. Gem residences:

It is leasehold condo development in  Singapore. These are the new condos for sale in Singapore. It is situated in Toa Payoh. The total number of residential units in this condo building is 520. People who want to book now and wants to live there are provided with different facilities at their doorstep. These facilities include various recreational and transportation facilities. The lifestyle they get is very convenient and exciting. Numerous hotels, businesses, shopping centers, and institutions are present near the place of residence and people can get a benefit through this. These are the private condos. Various features of this residence are:

  • This new condo for sale in Singapore is situated in the city of Toa Poyah. It is having a good place for food and good transport network in the city.
  • Primary schools, universities and other educational institutions are present near this residential building. This feature makes this building an attractive place for a family having children to live.
  • This condo is the resort type. These condos are center of attraction for those who want to live in a resort-like environment and wants to enjoy all the facilities attached to
  • It provides a comfortable living for
  • The layout and design of these condos are spacious and very outstanding.
  • This new condo for sale in Singapore provides an easy accessibility to all the facilities like hospital, shopping malls, and various other entertaining places.

This is developed, designed and constructed by the Evia Real Estate private limited company. This company is flourishing day by day. The reason for its success is maintaining the quality and giving attention to detail.

  1. Sturdee Residences:

This is a creation of new heavenly adobe. This is created for the comfortability of residents. It is the new condo for sale in Singapore. It is opened for booking now. They are providing the comfortability to people in their spacious units, convenient experience, and good ventilation. This condo is unique in comparison to other because it is providing the residential units in accordance with the lifestyle and personality of people who are going to buy it. They make sure that the designs are according to the tastes of people who are going to buy it. The total number of floors in this building is 30. The position of this building is so well-managed that it provides a panoramic view of a city. Greenery is very widely spread around this building which gives a very beautiful view. These also provide a chance to a family to plan a get together by providing the facilities like swimming pool, BBQ, and Gym. Families can plan their quality time through these facilities.

They are available in different layouts like:

  • There is 75 unit of 1 bedroom condo that is covering the area of 420 square feet.
  • It contains the 23 units of 2 bedroom condos that covers the area of 570 square feet.
  • 48 units of 2 bedroom premium condos that covers the area of 570 square
  • 26 units of 3 bedroom condo that is covering the 829 square feets area.
  • This new condo for sale in Singapore also have 4 bedroom and 5 bedroom condos having 26 and 8 units respectively and with the area, coverage ranges from 1300 square feet to 1800 square feet.


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