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People of Singapore are finding out the best place for living. They want the best place for their living and also for the children. There are many new condos for sale in Singapore that are providing the best place for the living of the people. These are:

One Balmoral:

One Balmoral is the best as it is a new condo for sale in Singapore. This luxurious condo is developed by the company that is named as Hong Leong Holding company. This is named after its location. It is located on the One Balmoral road. The prime location is given to this new condo for sale in Singapore. It is very beautiful and sleek design that is located in the prime location. The surrounding of this condo is lush green which is giving it a beautiful style and value. This condo consists of two buildings both of which are high-rise buildings. The total number of residential units in this condo is 91. Residents according to their wishes can choose the apartment that ranges from one bedroom to 4 bedrooms with the attached facilities. The area covered by these condos ranges from 592 sq ft to 1658 sq ft. residents are getting the luxurious lifestyle when they live in this condo. This is a center of attraction for various savvy investors. One of the most important facilities that are attached to it is the car parking lots. There is a space for 103 cars in this new condo for sale in Singapore. All the residential units are constructed with the best things that are of high quality. These things are furniture and fixtures. The kitchens are spacious and fully equipped with the imported material. The area of the bedroom is not less and spacious. This condo gives a beautiful and the bright view of the whole city. This condo is developed by Hong Leong Holding Limited company. This is situated in District 10. The total area covered by this condo is 66,276 square feet. A total number of residential units in this condo is 91 that consists of 2 blocks and each block consist of 12-story Residential units. The various types of residential units are:

  • One bedroom and area covered is 592 sq ft
  • Two Bedrooms and the area covered is 1184 square feet
  • Three Bedrooms and area covered is 2228 sq ft
  • Four bedrooms covering the area ranging from 1658 sq ft to 2691 sq ft

Goodwood Grand:

This is the best condo that is giving residents the facility of private living in the prestigious area. This is the very exclusive living on the Balmoral road. The one of the most appealing thing about condos is that condominium association takes cares about maintenance needs you only have to pay dues, there is nothing to worry about like landscaping, yard maintenance, road maintenance, roof repairing, snowplowing and physical labor. Another thing which matters a lot before any decision is price factor, it is obvious that price of home and condo depends upon the size, worth of the property nearby and cost of living in the area. But more likely condos are cheaper then high-priced single-family homes. Also, remember that condos are hard to sell as compare to homes, you can find a buyer but it’s become difficult if many of your neighbors are also selling, they may look similar to your condo then it becomes difficult to distinguish between your and theirs. The nearby station this new condo for sale in Singapore is Newton MRT Station. The site area of this condo is 57,005 sq ft.  There are different types of residential units and they are designed and constructed by the well know designers according to the demand of people buying it.

  • 1 Bedroom plus study room that covers the area of 893 square feet
  • 1 Bedroom plus study room that covers the area of 775 square feet
  • 2 Bedrooms condo and the area 839 square feet
  • 2 Bedrooms condo and family loft that covers the area of 1106 square feet
  • 2 Bedrooms and family loft covering the area of 1302 square feet
  • 2 Bedrooms and study room PES covering the are of 1227 square feet
  • 2 Bedrooms and the study room having the area of 1679 square feet
  • 3 Bedrooms PES covering the area 2142 sq ft
  • 3 Bedroom condo in the area 2487 sq ft

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