Property Singapore – Condo near Redhill MRT

Redhill MRT station is Mass rapid transit. It is located on the East-West line. This station is located in Singapore in the area of Bukit Merah. This is one of the above the ground station. The old name of this station is Alexandra ten the name Redhill is given to it to avoid the confusion with the name of the railway station. This station was developed in 1984 on the West Rail Line. Redhill is that station in which the platforms are not parallel. This station moves from Outram Park to Clementi. There are many condos near Redhill MRT. One I am going to discuss is Artra Condo. It is 99-year leasehold condo. It is the government sale programme. The total size of the land is 442,967. The area shows that the condo contains the total number of units that will be 400. This condo is located in the Alexandra view. The developers of this condo are FEC Skyline Pte Ltd. And this piece is crafted by the architects named as JGP Architectures Pte Ltd. The total tenure is 99 years. The total area that is covered by the site is 90,400 square feet. The total Gross Floor area is 442,970 square feet. The total number of stories is 44. Residential units are 400. The total number of car parking lots are 324 in number. This condo consists of facilities like one child care center, one supermarket, and 15 shops of retailers. This condo is directly linked to Redhill MRT station.

The land area is for the great interest of the bidder as well as for the investors. This is becoming attractive for the investors. The total number of bidders is 10. This is making the plot area very attractive. The developers are very confident in constructing this plot area as this area is becoming the healthy interest. This is a mixed development as it has different facilities like shops, restaurants, and other retail spaces. All the amenities are attached and available on the first floor of the condo. The facilities are:

  • A full-size swimming pool is available in this condo. Residents enjoy the leisure swim in the condo. People spend the best time with these people and their family. Al the families have the best time with the family.
  • A facility of Tennis Court is available. Parents mostly hire tennis coach for their kids so that they can enjoy the game.
  • This condo near Redhill MRT also conduct the Gym Classes which is very beneficial and a great facility for the men and women. Nobody has to go out for taking gym classes. This is a great comfortability for the residents of this condo. The indoor gym is available for the residents.
  • There is an important issue for the children going family that is tuition facility. This facility is available in this condo near Redhill MRT. This is a very positive aspect of any condo as it provides indoor tuition facility to the children and they do not have to go out.

These facilities are very important as it helps in saving time in moving from one place to another. This condo is located right beside the Redhill MRT. The location of this condo is very mature. People are provided with different facilities at the doorsteps. This is very plus point. Shops and the various eateries are available at the small distance to the condo. As it is the condo near Redhill MRT, so many shopping centers are available at the short distance away from the Artra Alexandra View. The facility of the nearby shopping center is also available that is Valley point Shopping Centre. This is also a short distance away from Central Business District (CBD). This is the best place for those people who want to live in the tranquil, quiet, and serene environment. As this condo near Redhill MRT is near to other stations as well which makes possible the access of residents to other parts of Singapore. Several educational institutions are also present near the condo a the small distance that is making it attractive for the families. The access to Redhill MRT station is through the direct linking bridge.


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