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With time, there are a lot of constructions in Singapore. People are finding those which are best for them in the terms of construction, design, and facilities. This new condo for sale in Singapore is luxurious for the living of the people. I am going to discuss some:

Mon Jervois:

 It is 99 years leasehold project which is named as Mon Jervois. This new condo is developed by Singland Development Pte Ltd. The surrounding of this condo is very beautiful. This is full of greenery and water pools. This gives the scenery of oasis. They are not compromising on the convenience of their people. This is an upcoming project and it is situated in the prime district. This Mon Jervois is located near the Redhill MRT station. This is plus point of the new condo for sale in Singapore. This is a beautiful exclusive and prestigious locality in which it is located. This is totally a garden environment. This is also a plus point as many people prefer in living the garden-like environment. The location of this condo is very beautiful and attractive because it is near to many other important locations. It is in the close proximity to Orchard Road which is a very bustling area. This environment is serene, tranquil, and quiet. This landscape is dominated by the feature of greenery and water. The address of this new condo for sale in Singapore is District 10. The surrounding of this district consists of bungalows that are in good in class. In these condos, fittings and the furnishes that are being used is of the standard quality. The appliances, furniture and the fittings are of the premium quality. The total area that is covered by this condo is 96,424 square feet. The total number of residential units that are contained in this condo is 109. Number of blocks in this new condo for sale in Singapore is 5. And each block contains the 5-stories. There are different types of residential units in this condo.

·        1 Bedroom plus study room that covers the area of 624 square feet

·        1 Bedroom plus study room that covers the area of 614 square feet

·        2 Bedrooms condo and the area range from 883 square feet to 1033 square feet

·        2 Bedrooms condo and family loft that covers the area of 1561 square feet

·        2 Bedrooms and family loft covering the area of 1539 square feet

·        2 Bedrooms and study room PES covering the are of 1668 square feet

·        2 Bedrooms and the study room having the area of 1582 square feet

·        3 Bedrooms PES covering the area ranges from 1496 sq ft to 1572 sq ft

·        3 Bedroom condo in the area ranges from 1389 sq ft to 1517 sq ft


Twenty-One Angullia Park:

This new condo for sale in Singapore is located in the busiest district of Singapore. It is a most prestigious district in Singapore. This condo is located to opposite to the ion Orchard. These houses are luxuriously designed by the renowned designers. Retail stores are present in Orchard. This Twenty-One Angullia Park is well known for its lighting effects. Its designs are made by grandmasters that made the best light designs. The decoration of this town is very creative. It is strategically located in the heart and the entertainment district of Orchard. It is a 1 iconic tower and has 36 luxurious floors. These 36 floors are very well designed and made. The developers of this new condo for sale in Singapore is Angola development private limited. The architects of this development are SCDA Architects. The address of this condo was 21 Angullia Park. The total area covered by this condo is 49,113.6 square feet. A total number of stories is 36 is in one story. A total number of units is 54. Parking lots in this condo are 96 and 2 handicap lots.

Types of the bedroom are:

·         2 bedrooms have an area of 1,163 square feet and a total number of units are 2.

·        3 bedroom has an area ranging from 2260 sq ft to 2314 sq ft.

·        4 bedroom covers the area ranging from 3122 sq ft to 3154 sq ft.



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