There are many new launch condos in Singapore. Condos are best for the living of the people because a lot of facilities are attached to them. Families and couples are preferring these condos for a living. I am going to discuss new launch condos in Singapore. This condo is a mixed development that is attracting a lot of people. This is the reason many people are booking this condo. It is named as V on Shenton. This condo is not only beautiful from outside but it is also from inside. It is increasing day by day. The thing which is adding to the beauty is its high rise building. This high rise building is preferred by many people. This is the tallest building in the region that is named as Shenton.

It is located in the delighted area of Singapore. The unique point of this condo is that it has many different types of residential units that fit the needs of everyone. The total number of private residential units are 510 units. The units are ranging from a studio room to a penthouse and the area that is covered by studio flat is 441 sq ft and the area covered by the penthouse is 7000 sq ft. This is the best fit for those residents who want water near to them. This new launch condo in Singapore contains the beautiful view of the water. Various types of pools are also present in this condo which are further beautifying the image of the condo. This can also be taken as the recreational facility.

The greenery aspect of this condo is giving a very beautiful view of all the people. This is a very desirable point. When talking about the basic facilities to the residents of this condo, it comes out that it is located near to various MRT stations that are making the transport of people in all over the country very easy. People do not have to go to far away place for catching the public transport. This new launch condo in Singapore is giving its residents a number of facilities that is increasing its worth.

Many people are looking for these apartments for the purpose of living and some people are investing for the purpose of earning a profit. The reason for its being an attractive point for the savvy investors is that it has nearby very famous business points which are increasing its worth and it is expected that its values will increase in future.

Another best new launch condo in Singapore is Star of Kovan. The location os this condo is Upper Serangoon road. It is a private residential area that is located in the best place. Another important point that must be noted here is that it is a mixed development. The total tenure of this condo is 99 years and it is a leasehold property. Talking about the area, the total area that is covered by this condo is 108,684 sq ft. the number of private residential units that are contained in it are 395 units. The developers of this development are making it more and better and attractive.

The famous areas that are located near this condo are Kovan MRT stations and Strip shopping mall. The residents who are going to live in this condo do not have to cover a greater distance but have to travel a small distance to reach these station and shopping mall. This is the best development in Singapore. they do not have to travel not more than for 3 minutes to reach all the basic facilities. There are many restaurants that are located near this condo. The main include Xin Wan Hong Kong Bistro and Sakae Sushi. The superstores and the malls that are located near this condo contains all the basic things that are needed by the people. The future residents of this condo can easily reach these place within less than 3 minutes.

Like many other best condos, this condo is also connected to various different streets that are increasing its worth in the term of price. These streets or expressway includes KPE, CTE, PIE, and TPE. The point that is giving popularity to this condo is the quality of its fittings.

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