New launch condo Singapore


This article provides a lot of information on new launch condo in Singapore. These new condos are launched recently from 2017 to 2018. These new launch condos are:

The Tapestry at Tampines:

This Tapestry is developed by many renowned developers that are CDL. This condo is developed in private residential area. This is along Tampines Avenue 10. These newly launched condos are located near Tampines Regional Centre.

New Futura:

It is newly launched freehold condo and it is held by CDL. It is an exquisite and glamorous facade. It is made up of skyscrapers. It is 36-story exclusive, two skyscrapers. It consists of condo suites that are 124. These are a total number of suites existing in both towers. This newly launched condo is built with elevated decks. Greater privacy is provided to the residents of these condos. Security is also provided to the people living in these condos. The 50m luxurious swimming pool is also provided with these condos to these people.

Woodleigh Condo:

This is a new launch condo in Singapore that is very luxurious. This is developed by CEL and Unique Real Estate. It is located on the side of Woodleigh lane. This condo is surrounded by greenery.

Shunfu condo:

It is located in the old Shunfu Ville Estate. It is situated away from Marymount MRT station with a distance of 200 meters. A total number of the condo is 1100. Bedroom in one house ranges from 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms. Many other facilities are also available with these condos.

Margaret Ville:

It is a new launch condo in Singapore located in Margaret Drive Condo. The fitted things and furnishings in these condos are of high quality. It is located in a spacious area. The layout of these condos is very efficient and smart. This newly launched condo is a dream house for every person that is being changed into reality by the developers who are named as MCL land developers. This Vile consists of total 279 units. It will be available for sale in the first half of the year 2018.

Rivercove Residences EC:

This new launch condo in Singapore is located in a prime location. This is situated in a close proximity of flowing water reservoirs which will provide a very beautiful view. These condos are best for the people who want to live in an environment that is a resort like. These condo’s location is very beautiful that it provides a very soothing effect to eyes of viewers and residents. This provides a quality living to the people. Besides, quality living shopping and various recreational opportunities are also provided to residents. They can enjoy the security and quality life.

Coco Palms:

It is latest new launch condo Singapore developed by CDL. These are very luxurious condos and situated along the Pasir Ris Grove and Coco’s palm. This project contains the various features like:

  • Lagoon-like water
  • Lush green spaces
  • Resort-like environment


It is located in Tanjong Pagar. This development is freehold. The total number of residential units is 56. On the very first level of development, only 13 commercial units are constructed. There are other main facilities available on the rooftop. These are:

  • Sky Terrace
  • Swimming pool

Sims Urban Oasis:

This sims urban oasis is located in that place which is overlooked by many. This place turned out to be a hidden treasure. It is situated on the edge of Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore which is a very bustling area.

Parc Britannia:

It is a new launch condo Singapore located in a Fernvale Road Condo. This project will be available soon. This project consists of 4 towers. Each tower has 22 stories and 735 units for residence.


Le Quest:

This new launch condo Singapore is for the mixed purposes. These are used for residential as well as commercial purposes. The expected number of units for residence in this condo is 500. These are situated in the Bukit Batok Condo. They are providing a convenient environment for the people to live. This project will also be available for sale soon. It is in the Western part of Singapore.

Seaside residences:

This development is for the people who want to enjoy the quality urban life as well as wants the peace of nature combined with the living facility. This is highly feasible residence in Singapore.










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