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With the increase in the population of a country, and for the betterment of the country there are various condos that are being launched in the country. These new launch condo in Singapore are causing the progress in the residential sector of the country. Nowadays people are getting so much involved in these condos as they are equipped with the best technologies and the best construction techniques are used in these new launches. In Singapore, one of the new launches is Kingsford water bay.

The location of this condo is upper Serangoon View. This new launch condo in Singapore is 99 years leasehold property. This property is privately held. The place is getting popular due to its certain features. These features are green surrounding, water feature and the scene. All these features are unique to this condo especially the water features are not present in all condos. People now prefer to live in the green environment where there are a lot of trees as this feature gives the feature of tranquility to the condos. Having the water feature is the plus point for the condos that have the feature of greenery.

Above all other matters, the important attractive point of this new launch condo in Singapore is the scenery. People want to live in the place where they can easily enjoy the beautiful scenes of nature. People want to wake up in place which provides beautiful scenes. All the three things about water, beautiful natural scenes, and greenery are available in this type of condo. This building is beautifully constructed in a place that is a center of attraction for the buyers as well as for the investors.

When we talk about the residential units of this condo, we came to know that it consists of 1157 units that are privately held. Total units of houses that are available in this condo are 8. The total buildings of this condo are 9 and each has the 16 stories. People can relax in this serene environment by looking at the pool and in the green fresh environment. People can walk on the poolside that will help them to achieve relaxation after the hectic day. The calmness of this area is one of the best points that help the people to get relaxed at the end of the day.

All the features of this condo are similar to the features of any resort. This is best in giving the people the chance to live in the environment which is different from their difficult and routine work life. It means that people can easily throw off their tiredness and get fresh. This new launch condo in Singapore is preferred by the people as they want to live in the beautiful resort-like environment. They want to escape from their busy and hectic routine and get relaxed and spend quality time with their family.

This condo is near to many famous places and the stations that are making the transportation of a person from one place to another very easy. This condo is mainly located in the Hougang Central. The other famous places that are located near the condo are Hougang Town Center, MRT station, and Transport exchange. Another benefit that people can take out by staying at these condos is that it has all the necessary things available in its immediate vicinity. Shopping malls, convenience stores, and superstores are also located in proximity to these condos.

Various people get their booking for the new launch condo in Singapore just because their children can easily go to the schools that are located near to these condos. It is an important aspect that people want their children to go to schools that are at the small distance away from their houses. They also want the higher standard of educational institutions that are located near the condo. The schools that are located near to it include Punggol Primary School, North Vista Review School, Favored Innocent Basic and Discretionary School and Serangoon Junior School.

Here in this paragraph, the area of different residential units is discussed. The area of one and two bedrooms unit is 474 sqft-484 sq ft and 614 sqft-774 sq ft. Also, have the residential units that have up to 5 bedrooms.



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