I am looking for 2/3-bedrooms apartment/condo TOP 2017/2018

There are various condos that are going to have a key in 2018. In Singapore, there is a long list of condo top 2018. Among all the condos the most popular condo top 2018 include Duo Residencies, Marina One residencies, the Panorama, and the crest condo. I am going to discuss certain condo top 2018. These are:


If anyone looking for the best and most luxurious place for a living then the area One Balmoral is the best as it contains CONDO TOP 2018. This elegant and luxurious condo is developed by the developer named as Hong Leong Holding company. The name of this condo is given after the name where it is located. It is located on the One Balmoral road. The prime location is given to this condo top 2018. This condo is designed very elegantly at the location is in the prime area. The surrounding of this condo is causing the rise in its value as it is full of greenery that is attracting the people of Singapore. The Goodwood Grand Residencies consists of two towers. The total number of residential units in this condo is 91. Residents according to their wishes can choose the apartment that ranges from one bedroom to 4 bedrooms with the attached facilities. The area covered by these condos ranges from 592 sq ft to 1658 sq ft. Residents are getting the luxurious lifestyle when they live in this condo. This is a center of attraction for various savvy investors. One of the most important facilities that are attached to it is the car parking lots. There is a space for 103 cars in this condo top 2018.

The architectures of this condo are ARC Studio. They design the best piece that is highly sophisticated as well as elegant. All the residential units are constructed with the best things that are of high quality. These things are furniture and fixtures. So this condo is providing a comfortable living to the people by giving them a secure living. The location of this condo top 2018is very great and central. The reason is that many amenities are attached to it. Transport facilities, education institutions, hospitals, recreational places are all located near the condo. Availability of these facilities is making these condos best for the living of people. Various shopping centers, grocery stores, and supermarkets are also located near the One Balmoral. The nigh life of this area is very beautiful and the charming and making this condo even more attractive.


The look of condo top 2018is unique and have a unique style. A total number of residential units in the crest condo is 469. These residential units are ranging from 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms. It consists of 3 separate blocks and each block consists of 5 stories. It is located on the East West Line. There is a small distance between Redhill MRT station. There is a ten-minute walk from Redhill MRT station to condo top 2018. When the residents leave their home then can reach Orchard or Central Business District (CBD) in 25 minutes. The crest condo is developed by the Wingcrown private limited company. This company is a joint venture between Metro Australia Holdings private limited between Wing Tai Asia. The unique selling point of the crest condo is its unique design. This unique design of the condo is made by the designer named Toyo Ito. They are making this development to stand out among others. The residential units of the crest condo are designed in such a way that privacy of the residents is ensured. This condo is not overlooking any aspect. It is positioned on the hill, the position is secluded and private. There are many other condos are located in the surrounding area of the crest condo. But the crest condo is providing more relaxed and calm environment in comparison to other condos in the area. This condo is providing a lot of options to the people who are looking forward to living there. They can live in the one bedroom apartment to 5 bedroom apartment and also contains 4 bedrooms villa. The main purpose of the attraction of investors to condo top 2018 is the amenities attached to the condos. This condo is attracting the many savvy investors. The design of the crest floor plan is best as it is designed by the best architects. This well-renowned architect is named as Toyo Ito and Associates. These architects are known for the creation of conceptual designs. These architects are considered to be “one of the world’s most innovative and influential architects”

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