Floorplan – The Crest Condo

There is a number of different floor plans that are available at the Crest. The availability of the crest floor plan. These different crest floor plans provide a lot of option to the people. People are selecting the right floor plan for their residence.

The Crest Condo is located at Prince Charles Crescent, the whole area is surrounded by the greenery and beautiful scenery. It is one of the most antedate project launched by Alexander. The most luxurious condominium is located in prime Charles crescent, near to the nervous road and will be designed by internationally famous architect Toyo Ito. The crescent condo in Singapore offered luxurious residence for the resident of many blocks.

The facilities in crest condo in Singapore, on 2 levels (1st floor&23 floor). On the 1st floor, there was a club, house, terrace, 50 m lap pool, grill and dining terrace. On the 23 floor, tennis court, pools and all the facilities of life are available. The crest floor plan is very awesome and attractive for the people.

The Crest Condo gives a beautiful view of neighbors on one side and city view on the other side. The crest floor plan is designed in such a way to provides a beautiful view to the residents. Condominium going to be a best residential area in the United States. A lot of reasons behind the statement “condo” as the best residence. The most important is money you can afford your desired place on a low budget. According to this fact, the rate of the condominium is highly appreciated because of its created more opportunities and choices in a market where the prices of a single house are at the peak. Another important factor if you get an apartment on rent you should also have to pay a taxes that will be more expensive as compared to buying the crest condo. If you have your own residence in the form of condominium you will have an advantage of a tax deduction. You can live your own lifestyle it will more affordable for retired people who want to spend their life with socialism. So it will be more comfortable to enjoy your desired lifestyle with what you have. You can also use it as vacation hotspot because when you meet different communities you able to understand different cultures and different lifestyle.

Crest Condo is a beautiful combination of unit types and the crest floorplan design. These bedrooms range from 1-bedroom five bedroom plus Study room covering the area of 2,002 sq ft. dual key and the loft units are present in the crest condo.

The crest floor plan of the first floor of the crest condo shows that it contains the following facilities:

  • a 50m Lap Pool
  • Clubhouse
  • Hot tub
  • Grill &FeastVeranda
  • lavish landscaping
  • the Sky Gym
  • Sky Dining
  • the Aroma Garden is located on the 23rd Sky Deck.

There are different types of crest condos depending on their number of rooms. Different rooms apartments are located on the different floors according to the crest floor plan.

  • 1 bedroom crest condo
  • 2 bedroom crest condo
  • 2 bedroom crest condo + Study
  • 3 bedroom crest condo
  • 3 bedroom crest condo + study
  • 3 bedroom dual key
  • 4 bedroom crest condo
  • 4 bedroom crest condo + study
  • 4 bedroom dual key
  • 5 bedroom crest condo
  • 5 bedroom crest condo + study
  • 5 bedroom dual key

When we talk about the crest floor plan of 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom apartment then it provides the perfect space for the living of a single person or the couple. The total area that is covered by this apartment is 866 sq ft. The rent of this condo ranges from 929 dollars to 1189 dollars. The balcony is also available and for cooking the food, a well equipped Kitchen is available. A spacious living room is also available. According to the crest floor plan of 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, this is the best choice. With the two bedrooms, a closet is available for the storage and the kitchen is fully equipped with the electronic appliances that are energy efficient. More space is available to the people. The size of the bedroom is 14 ft 6 inches to 11 ft 3 inches.



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