Floorplan – The Crest Condo

The crest is the private condo and located in the district 3. This condo is developed by the well-known developers named as Wing Crown Investment Pte Ltd. This development is jointly developed by WingTai Land, Maxdin Pte Ltd, and Metro Australia Holding Pte Ltd. The crest floor plan is beautifully designed by the Toyo Ito and Associates. The crest floor plan is made according to the wishes of the people. The local architects also help them in making the crest floor plan even more amazing. The total area that is covered by the site is 256,000 sq ft. the number of residential units that are designed are totaled to 469. Each tower contains the 23-story and the total towers are 3.

Facilities available at the different floors of the crest:

  • Dining near The Crest:
  • Quan Le Yan
  • Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee Restaurant
  • 2it & Drink
  • Dragon Phoenix Restaurant
  • Shopping near The Crest:
  • Dawson Place
  • AnchorPoint Mall
  • Valley Point
  • Great World City
  • Schools and Education near The Crest:
  • Crescent Girls School
  • Alexandra Primary School
  • Gan Eng Seng School
  • APSN
  • Tanglin School
  • Henderson Secondary School

Information about Project

According to the crest floor plan number of units divided into numerous story blocks, as it is 23 stories towers. It has different types of units with different sizes according to people’s will regarding as arrangement, magnitude and number of bedrooms. Every unit has a unique specialty, and when it comes to neighborhood condominiums. The Crest always ready to compete.The units have specialties like guest rooms, study room, and 5-beds sitter. The luxurious design of The Crest floor plan has also private lifts which other competent projects do not hold regarding the size and price. The Crest has unique shapes of towers as each of them holds 23 Storeys Blocks. Its design has a very deep impact on the architecture design of the rooms. This deep impact regards in a positive way to residents of The Crest. As in account of facilities, According to the crest floor plan, the first floor contains a 50-meter lap pool, a leisure pool, a children’s pool, tennis court, a steam bath, a meadow spa and sky gym.The Crest is configured with 469 units on 4-blocks of 5-story villas with 3-tower of 23-story apartments. There are several types of units:

  • 35 x 3-bedroom units (1,033 – 1,335 sqft)
  • 41 x 3-bedroom (M) units (1,184 – 1,389 sqft)
  • 2 x 3-bedroom + study (1,044 sqft)
  • 32 x 3-bedroom (M) + study (1,453 – 1,658 sqft)
  • 67 x 3-bedroom guest suite/dual-key units (1,141 – 1,335 sqft)
  • 8 x 4-bedroom units (1,485 – 1,711 sqft)
  • 4 x 4-bedroom + study (1,582 – 1,690 sqft)
  • 2 x 4-bedroom (M) + study (1,744 sqft)
  • 20 x 4-bedroom guest suite/dual-key units (1,367 – 1,733 sqft)
  • 4 x 4-bedroom guest suite/dual-key + study units (1,453 – 1,658 sqft)

The Crest holds a different type of parking lots like Basement Car Park and TOP is expected in development.

The crest floor plan shows that the facilities are provided in the two levels. The first level facilities are located on the landscaped deck. And the other which is the second level facility is located on the 23rd-floor deck. On the landscape, the facilities of the clubhouse, private Onsen with steam bath, garden trail, meadows spa, 50m Lap pool, leisure pool, oasis pavilion, tennis court, trail for jogging, Grill and dining terrace, fun pool for children, and pool deck. The facilities of 23rd facilities contain sky gym, Canapes Bar, Theatrette Suite, Sky Dining, grill, and the Aroma Garden. The total 1 bedroom residential units are 57. The total 2 bedroom units are 89. The 2 bedroom apartment with the study room is totaled to 18 units. The 3 bedroom apartments are total 35 units. The 3 bedrooms of medium size are 41 residential units. The 2 units of 3 bedroom apartment with the study room are available. In the Guest suite series, the 3 bedroom units are totaled to 67 units. The 4 bedrooms apartments are totaled to 8 units and the 4 bedrooms unit with the study room are 4 units.

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