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In Singapore, people are now looking for new launch condos in Singapore. People are making the choice of condos on the basis of different facilities attached to them and the prices that the developers charged for them. This also important that these new launch condos in Singapore are launched in a perfect location where location and surrounding are beautiful and full of facilities. The new launches in Singapore have all the facilities that are very important for the survival of this modern people. Most specifically talking, people are looking for the condos that are equipped with the latest design and the technology.

183 Haus that is a newly launched condo, is a freehold development. It is developed and designed by the famous developer and the developer’s name is Tee Land. It is a mixed development. It is mainly located on the upper end of the Thompson road. This area is very best and attractive for the people. The district is 20 in which is located. When we talk about the total land area that is covered by this condo is 16,960 square feet. When we talk about the parts of this residential development, it comes out to be 5 units and all units rea specialty units. The total residential units that are available for selling and investing are 40. People can choose among them as all are different on the basis of demands of people.

The thing that is very special in this new launch condo in Singapore is that it contains various retail shops in its basement. This is beneficial in two ways. One way is that people can start their retail businesses in those shops and also they can easily get what they want from that shops that are near to their homes. This development is very beautifully designed and architected by keeping in mind the various aspects that are related to the residents and their comfortable living.

When taking the decision regarding which condo to choose for living, the point of public transportation is also discussed. It is important for those to check all the nearby stations who travel through that transport system. For solving that issue, various stations are discussed here. The upper Thompson MRT Station was located just 350 meters away from the condo. The other famous station that is located 400 meters away from the condo is Marymount MRT Station. People can easily go shopping at these stations are near about and people can easily reach them within 5 minutes. There are various roads that are connecting the various roads of Singapore. This new launch condo in Singapore is connected to various famous roads that are again connected with various states.

People are interested in this property due to two reason. The first reason is that people are investing in this property for the purpose of earning a profit by speculating on it. This speculation will help them to earn more than the invested amount. The other reason is to live in the place where are the facilities are available. People are choosing this condo for having a better standard of living as many facilities are located at the small distance away from the condo. People can also get the benefit of not traveling to their work as there are many offices located near their place of living.

People can enjoy not only the facilities of this new launch condo in Singapore but they have the opportunity to live the life of the area in which it is located as this area is full of many recreational facilities and restaurants so that people can enjoy with there family. Among all the residents of this condo, there are the people who want the future of their child bright and for this purpose, they need the best school for their children. This facility is also provided and this condo is launched in a place where there are a lot of high-level schools. It is attracting a lot of people from all over Singapore so that they can enjoy in the restaurants.

These apartment suites are designed and developed according to the wishes of people and they are given the best lifestyle through the best facilities.

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