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The location of the crest condo is Prince Charles Crescent and this is a very lavish development. The crest condo is designed by Wing Tai Land, Metro Australia Holdings Pte Ltd, & Maxdin Pte Ltd. The total number of units in the crest condo is 469 that are distributed to 8 groups. The crest condo consists of 23-stories and 4 blocks and each block consists five stories. The architects of these condos are Toyo Ito.

The Crest condo is providing a lot of amenities. At 1st floor, there is

  • a 50m Lap Pool
  • Clubhouse
  • Hot tub
  • Grill & Feast Veranda
  • lavish landscaping
  • the Sky Gym
  • Sky Dining
  • The Aroma Garden is located on the 23rd Sky Deck.

The Crest Condo is located at Prince Charles Crescent. It is located in the high-class separated housing area of Jervois, Bishopsgate, Chatsworth & Tanglin. The most important aspect of this condo is that the surrounding of this area is very beautiful, full of greenery, and calm.

The Crest Condo gives a free view of the houses of neighbors on one side and a beautiful view of the whole city on the other side.

In the units of the crest condo, bedrooms range from one bedroom to bedrooms and also contain the dual key. The floors of each tower are beautifully planned.

The floor plan and the designs of the unit of the crest condo are unique and beautiful.

From The crest condo, the crest condo payment plan can be easily accessed.

  1. In leasing or acquiring the unit, five percent less than the acquisition amount is paid.
  2. For the buying and option date, five percent per annum is paid.
  3. From buying/option date, 90 percent in amount is paid.

The crest condo is located near the Redhill MRT station. This is a great facility for the residents as this is the public transport facility. The facilities like a marketplace, restaurants are close to the living place.

Various amenities are provided by the crest condo at the different levels at the standard floor as well as on the 23rd floor. Many popular and exceptional services are also provided:

  • Steam Bath
  • Wavy Relaxation Pool
  • Suite
  • Bar
  • Teppanyaki Grill.

The crest condo mixed development will be completed in June 2017.

Crest Condo is a beautiful combination of unit types and floorplan design. These bedrooms range from 1-bedroom five bedroom plus Study room covering the area of 2,002 sq ft. dual key and the loft units are present in the crest condo.

The Crest Condo at Prince Crescent Charles is constructed by Wingcrown Investment Pte Ltd, combined constructed by both these constructors jointly by Wing Tai HoldingsMetro Holdings, and Maxdin Investment Pte Ltd.

Wing Tai was established in 1955 in Hong Kong and joined in by Singapore in 1963. Nowadays, Wing Tai Holdings Limited is Singapore’s foremost designer and business.

It is registered on the Singapore Stock Exchange since 1989. The main attention of this company is basically on the growing marketplaces.

Location of the crest condo:

This condo is little away from the Central Business District. When people stay in these condos they are able to communicate with all part of Singapore. They face no difficulty in commuting with all parts of Singapore as the crest condo is located in a central location. There are various parks located near the condos that are named as Telok Blangah Hill, Mount Faber Park, and Hort Park. Residents enjoy a lot by visiting these parks. They are able to enjoy the serenity of nature by going to these parks. It is considered as a blockbuster and prestigious development due to various reasons. These reasons are the location of the building in the centrally landed property, its unique architecture, best design, and blending of architecture with the surrounding. Many educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities are also available near the crest condos. This aspect is very important for the living of the family. As the crest condos promise to provide all the amenities to families, so they make sure that all the facilities are available.

The crest condo is made very uniquely and beautifully by the developers and the designers. All these things are making them attractive point for the investors.


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