The Crest – New Condo Launch

The Crest Condo is the classy living for people who want to live in the low-density area or want to invest. When making a living decision people wants to select that area that has the beautiful surrounding area like full of greenery so the crest condo is providing this facility.

The Crest Condo is located in the lavish and the beautiful are of Charles crescent with a lot of amenities attached.

The crest condo is not only popular for providing great amenities but they are also working for providing the security to families. They are famous in the industry for providing the efficient security system to all units of the crest condominium. Every company is trying hard to provide best services to people. The crest condos are designed for those who want luxury, security, and convenience at the same time and at the same place. The main purpose of this company to provide the people where they can live and avail a large number of facilities and amenities. People are trusting this company and the company is providing the services they want and helping them to live a joyful life. This a dream of every person to live in the crest condo which has all type facilities available to them. People make a choice of living in a high building but with this type of choice, they have to face different types of issues relating to it. Many things are neglected when making this type of choice. Usually, comfort is not preferred over convenience but the crest condo is changing this point of view. They are providing the facilities to people who are living alone and to the people who have a family. They are providing best to people with their crest condos.

The location of the crest condo is Prince Charles Crescent and this is a very lavish development. The crest condo is designed by Wing, Metro Australia Holdings Pte Ltd, & Maxdin Pte Ltd. The total number of units in the crest condo is 469 that are distributed to 8 groups. The crest condo consists of 23-stories and 4 blocks and each block consists five stories. The architects of these condos are Toyo Ito.

The Crest condo is providing a lot of amenities. At 1st floor, there is

  • a 50m Lap Pool
  • Clubhouse
  • Hot tub
  • Grill & Feast Veranda
  • lavish landscaping
  • the Sky Gym
  • Sky Dining
  • the Aroma Garden is located on the 23rd Sky Deck.

Types of Crest Condos:

There are different types of crest condos depending upon the number of bedrooms contained in a condo and area covered under each crest condo. These are:

  • 1 bedroom crest condo
  • 2 bedroom crest condo
  • 2 bedroom crest condo + Study
  • 3 bedroom crest condo
  • 3 bedroom crest condo + study
  • 3 bedroom dual key
  • 4 bedroom crest condo
  • 4 bedroom crest condo + study
  • 4 bedroom dual key
  • 5 bedroom crest condo
  • 5 bedroom crest condo + study
  • 5 bedroom dual key

The crest condo is just like an isolated world and has a different type of plants in a surrounding. The thing that adds to the beauty of a condo is the calmness of an area.

Playtime at Crest Condo is best for the growth of children. The best play area is making the crest condo very attractive for the living of the family who wants their child to grow mentally as well as physically in the best environment.

The crest condo is best for everyone including business people and also the hunters. This shows that this condo is best for all the types of the people.

After a stressful work people can get relaxed by having beverages and relaxing at the bar. People also get relaxed and move along the line so that they can feel less stressed.

The Crest Condo is a dream house for everyone who wants to live in the calm environment and the environment which is a status symbol.

There is a blue water pool flowing in the middle of the crest condo. The family enjoys a great time with their family.

The crest condo is the best place for living as it is giving all the things of necessities to the people in the nearby place.

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