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The crest condo is situated in the Alexandra. It is located between the landed Jervois Road Enclave and the Alexandra Canal. It is a luxurious development. The look of the crest condo is unique and have a unique style. A total number of residential units in the crest condo is 469. These residential units are ranging from 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms. It consists of 3 separate blocks and each block consists of 5 stories. It is located on the East West Line. There is a small distance between Redhill MRT station. There is a ten-minute walk from Redhill MRT station to the crest condo. When the residents leave their home then can reach Orchard or Central Business District (CBD) in 25 minutes. The crest condo is developed by the Wingcrown private limited company. This company is a joint venture between Metro Australia Holdings private limited between Wing Tai Asia. The unique selling point of the crest condo is its unique design. This unique design of the condo is made by the designer named Toyo Ito. They are making this development to stand out among others. The residential units of the crest condo are designed in such a way that privacy of the residents is ensured. This condo is not overlooking any aspect. It is positioned on the hill, the position is secluded and private. There are many other condos are located in the surrounding area of the crest condo. But the crest condo is providing more relaxed and calm environment in comparison to other condos in the area. This condo is providing a lot of options to the people who are looking forward to living there. They can live in the one bedroom apartment to 5 bedroom apartment and also contains 4 bedrooms villa.

As I mentioned above that Redhill MRT station is a small distance away from the crest condo, it shows that residents can reach the public transportation in less time. This facility is great as they can reach anywhere without any problem. The crest condo is the mixed development that it is providing a lot of amenities to the residents of the crest condo. Alexandra Park Connector is located near the crest condo. This is an alternative route to a Central Business District (CBD).

The main purpose of the attraction of investors to the crest condo is the amenities attached to the condos. This condo is attracting the many savvy investors. Facilities that are provided by the crest condo are:

Restaurants  near The Crest condo:

  1. Quan Le Yan
  2. Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee Restaurant
  3. 2it & Drink
  4. Dragon Phoenix Restaurant

Shopping centers near The Crest condo:

  1. Dawson Place
  2. AnchorPoint Mall
  3. Valley Point
  4. Great World City

Educational institutions near The Crest condo:

  1. Crescent Girls School
  2. Alexandra Primary School
  3. Gan Eng Seng School
  4. APSN
  5. Tanglin School
  6. Henderson Secondary School


The crest is configured with 469 units on 4-blocks of 5-story villas with 3-tower of 23-story apartments. There are several types of units:

  • 35 x 3-bedroom units (1,033 – 1,335 sqft)
  • 41 x 3-bedroom (M) units (1,184 – 1,389 sqft)
  • 2 x 3-bedroom + study (1,044 sqft)
  • 32 x 3-bedroom (M) + study (1,453 – 1,658 sqft)
  • 67 x 3-bedroom guest suite/dual-key units (1,141 – 1,335 sqft)
  • 8 x 4-bedroom units (1,485 – 1,711 sqft)
  • 4 x 4-bedroom + study (1,582 – 1,690 sqft)
  • 2 x 4-bedroom (M) + study (1,744 sqft)
  • 20 x 4-bedroom guest suite/dual-key units (1,367 – 1,733 sqft)
  • 4 x 4-bedroom guest suite/dual-key + study units (1,453 – 1,658 sqft)

The crest condos are located in the Central Business Districts of Singapore. They can commute with all over Singapore. Residents can access everything from their wants. The mode of transportation is very easy and simple. For going to the mall, people do not have to travel to far off places as all the facilities are available around the corner. Another important aspect of accessibility is the presence of public transportation service to people that they are using for traveling.

People are provided with a secure environment when they choose to live in the crest condos in Singapore. This is the main aim of the company of crest condos is to provide the families a sense of security so that they can enjoy the each and every minute of their lives. They are providing security by installing the CCTV cameras all other the crest condo. They are also using the security officers for this purpose. Due to this benefits, people want that their family must live there as they get a peace of mind that their family is safe.



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