Condo TOP 2018 – Luxury Condo Singapore

The condo Top 2018 are the latest launches in Singapore in 2018. The real estate market is very complex and when you are buying the condos several aspects relating to the condo and its location is considered. The variables included in selecting the best condo top 2018 are:

  • Time
  • Location
  • Type of property
  • Tenure
  • Value of market

I am going to discuss the various condo top 2018.


It is a residential development with the tenure of 99-years. This leasehold property is located in the area Paya Lebar Road in the District 14. This residential development is constructed with the aim to construct and architect the finest piece of residence. This condo top 2018 is created to meet the diverse needs of the people so that they flourish with the diverse people. This residential development consists of 429 residential units. The residential units are different on the basis of a number of the room in these units. The number of bedrooms ranges from one bedroom to 4 bedrooms. This condo top 2018 will be completed at the end of the year 2018. All the residential blocks that are included in the residential units contain 17-stories. The facility of carpark is also present in this condo top 2018. For car parking, 4 floors are present in this condo. This condo top 2018 is the massive and mixed development. The worth of this mixed development is 3.2 billion dollars. This mega project contains various other facilities like offices, shops, private housing, and various recreational facilities. This condo top 2018 consists mainly of offices and residential blocks that are three in number. The area that is covered by the mall is 340,000 sq ft. On the 7thfloor of the condo, the facilities like cinemas and the 200 stores are located. This condo top 2018 is going to be the best residential area in the city. This is very beneficial for the residents of the city as they can do the job near to the place of living as they can live as well as earn from this area. This is the biggest facility to the residents of this condo. This is the best plan according to which the people are provided with the job near to their home. People can get all the facility by living in this condo top 2018. The facilities include:

  • Best living place
  • Best place for playing
  • Best working place
  • Transportation services
  • Nearby stations

This is a creation of new heavenly adobe. This is created for the comfortability of residents. It is the condo top 2018 in Singapore. It is opened for booking now. They are providing the comfortability to people in their spacious units, convenient experience, and good ventilation. This condo is unique in comparison to other because it is providing the residential units in accordance with the lifestyle and personality of people who are going to buy it. They make sure that the designs are according to the tastes of people who are going to buy it. The total number of floors in this building is 30. The position of this building is so well-managed that it provides a panoramic view of a city. Greenery is very widely spread around this building which gives a very beautiful view. These also provide a chance to a family to plan a get together by providing the facilities like swimming pool, BBQ, and Gym. Families can plan their quality time through these facilities.

They are available in different layouts like:

  • There is 75 unit of 1 bedroom condo that is covering the area of 420 square feet.
  • It contains the 23 units of 2 bedroom condos that covers the area of 570 square feet.
  • 48 units of 2 bedroom premium condos that covers the area of 570 square feet.
  • 26 units of 3 bedroom condo that is covering the 829 square feets area.
  • This new condo top 2018 in Singapore also have 4 bedroom and 5 bedroom condos having 26 and 8 units respectively and with the area, coverage ranges from 1300 square feet to 1800 square feet.

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