The one of the most popular and the best condo that is located near the Redhill MRT station is the crest condo. This condo is very high in demand. The crest condo gives a beautiful and the panoramic view of Singapore. The view that the crest condo provides to its residents is unobstructed. The surrounding of this condo near Redhill MRT is very beautiful and full of greenery and the waterscape. This element of greenery around the crest condo provides a very beautiful view to the people. This thing makes a site more attractive to the residents. The beautiful location of the crest condo makes it also more attractive to the investors. The crest condo is meeting the needs of all the people whether they want to live in the lower ground of idyllic low-rise or they want to live high up on the 23-story. They can get a condo based on their wishes.

The crest condo located at the Prince Charles Crescent is a new development in the residential sector. This crest condo is covering the area of 256,000 square feet. The quality of the crest condo is superior. The design of this condo is best as it is designed by the best architects. This well-renowned architect is named as Toyo Ito and Associates. These architects are known for the creation of conceptual designs. These architects are considered to be “one of the world’s most innovative and influential architects”.

The location of the crest condo is very beautiful and helps the resident of a condo to work and enjoy at the same time. It is located in the Prince Charles Crescent. This is happening just because of the facilities attached to the perfect living. People living in it can go on the main road from the various exit points. The exit points are helping people a lot in moving to other places quickly and easily. The various roads that are attached to these condos are Jervois Road, Tanglin Road, Alexandra Road, Rochalie Drive, Grange Road, and Tanglin road. Among all the facilities that are available in a condo near Redhill MRT, the most important is the access to public transportation. This facility is very important for traveling from one place to another with no difficulty. Redhill MRT station is also located 7 minutes distance away from the crest condo.

The total property price of crest condo is 1000,000$. The age required for borrowing loan for crest condo is about 35yrs for maximum 30 yrs tenure, an interest rate of crest condo is we discuss the monthly payment plan of crest condo in Singapore is 2956 $ per month.

The environment of crest condo is highly classed where nature exists like greenery. If we want to take all the facilities under one roof, its better than other because it is one of the worlds most influential architect in today practices

Various restaurants are also present in the condo. The reason is that the people can go to restaurants with their family and can enjoy. This facility makes the condo near Redhill MRT most attractive place for the living of families. Jogging trails are also present in the site area of the condo. Due to this, there is no need for people going out for jogging or exercise. Various gyms are also established for the men and women. The other most important facility is may parks are present near the condo. Many parks are also present at the walking distance. The presence of recreational facilities near the condo makes the condo more attractive to the families as well as to the investors. The beautiful location of the crest condo makes it more attractive to savvy investors.

The condo near Redhill MRT shows us the integration of architecture to nature. The innovation made by the developers and the design by the architects is made flawless. The design of the condo is unique and it is like no other. Their design philosophy is beautiful. The architecture of the condo resembles the organic way. It is like the trees that are providing the life and shade. The symbol of the crest condo is growing life. The floor plans are very beautiful. This is the perfect place for the bachelors as well as of the families so we can say that it is a place where you can find your dreams apartments.



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