The condo that I am going to discuss is located in the Alexandra view. The district is 03. The total tenure of this condo is 99 years and it is leasehold property. The name of this condo near Redhill MRT is The Metropolitan condo. We cannot say that it is located on the Alexandra road but it is located between the two roads. These two roads are Alexandra road and Tiong Bahru road.

It is located right beside the Redhill MRT station and anyone can reach there in no time. It is a great facility for the residents of this condo that they can reach the station in the small walking distance. The availability of public transportation near the place of living is a great facility. They can reach easily at any place and at any time without waiting for so long.

This is the biggest condo as it consists of 45 stories and we can say that it is a high rise building. This condo near Redhill MRT consists of two towers and the total number of residential units in this condo is 382. There are various types of apartments in this condo that are ranging from one bedroom to 5 bedrooms and penthouses. These apartments are designed very beautifully by the designers and architectures. The interior of the condo is designed elegantly by the designer according to the people who want to live there. This is the good thing as the different people want the different type of setting in their place of living.

There are different types of surface area for the different type of residential units as well as for the penthouses. The area of the residential units that range from 2 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms is 721 square feet. The area of the penthouses in this condo is 3,412 sq ft. People can choose any type of condo of the different area according to their demands. This is the best part they can design their apartment on their own so that they will love to live there. People can enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding through this condo. For some people, the outside view is very important. People prefer that condo which provides the beautiful view of the outside environment. This condo near Redhill MRT is the first priority of the people.

Not only these facilities there is a wide range of recreational facilities available in this condo and near to this condo. These facilities that are increasing the attraction of the condo are the tennis court, gymnasium, clubhouses, and the swimming pools. People are going to live in this condo because they want to enjoy all these facilities.

The thing that is preferable to a lot of people is that many main roads must be connected to their place of living. This is an important point as it helps the people to go to any place and to find the public transport very easily. As people have to go to other places and if their place of living is far away to the main roads then they face difficulty whenever they go to other places. This condo near Redhill MRT has following roads near about. These are Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE), and Central Expressway (CTE). This is the best public transport that is getting the first point of people.

The important point that is related to the facility of the public transport is the east access to the most important places of Singapore. People can easily reach the Central Business District (CBD) and the Orchard road. It also helps in the rise of the living standard of the people. People go to the central business district and do their business their that will help them to earn more. This public transport will help them to reach their places where they can do business and job in no time and very easily from the near place to the living place.

The international schools that are located in the vicinity of this condo near Redhill MRT and these are Manasseh Meyer school, Sri Manasseh Meyer International School, and Avondale Grammar School. There are many primary schools located near this condo and these are Gan Eng Seng primary school, Queenstown primary school and these are located near to the condo.

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