condo near Redhill MRT

There is various type of condos that are located near the station Redhill MRT. the one I am going to discuss is Holt Residences. This condo near Redhill MRT is located on the 5 Holt road. The district of this condo is district 10. This condo is developed by the developer whose name is CPL venture Pte LTD. These developers are one of the best and the well-renowned developers that are making this condo very beautiful and the spacious.

The developmental process of this condo got completed in the year 2001. This condo that I am discussing is not a very big development. This development is of the medium size. The residential units that are available in this condo are totaled to be 46. Not only the Redhill MRT station is located near this condo but the station that is named as Tiong Bahru MRT station is also located near this condo.

There are many things that are present in the close vicinity of this condo. The most famous shopping center that is located near this condo is the Valley point Shopping Center. It is not that it is only present near to the various types of facilities but various facilities are available in this condo near Redhill MRT. These facilities include the facility of swimming pools, 24-hour security, Gym, BBQ pit, Wading pool, room for conducting functions, playgrounds, Sauna, car parking place, Hall, and many more. Among all facilities, the most important is the 24 hours security that is provided to the residents. This is the thing that people prefer to live in this condo.

This condo is a very luxurious condo. The location of this condo near Redhill MRT is Tanglin Road Fringe. This thing is very convenient that it is located near the Redhill MRT station. Another important benefit is that this condo is located near the amenities. These amenities are that these condos are located near the Redhill MRT. Residents of this condo can easily reach the place like Central Business District (CBD) and the Orchard road. These people can reach within 5 minutes to these places.

These residential units are very beautifully designed. This is the condo near Redhill MRT and this contains the large size windows. These windows provide the very beautiful view of the city of Singapore. This tower consists of various floors and the condo that is located on the top floor provides a very beautiful view of Singapore. Through the beautiful and large windows, residents of the upper floor have a beautiful look of the Orchard road and the Tanglin Area. This panoramic view is very beautiful and this will attract the people to live there.

This condo building consists of total 13 floors. The residential units that are contained in this condo consist of up to 4 bedrooms. The area of this residential unit ranges from 191 to 198 sq meters. Residents of this condo near Redhill MRT can book the apartments of different size according to their wish. Penthouses are also available for the people and their size ranges from 267 sq meters to 269 sq meters.

The facilities like retailing outlets, restaurants, cinemas, banks, and many other recreational facilities are also located near the condo and these people do not have to go too far off places. The main problem that the people faces when they change their place of living is the schooling of their children. But when the people move to this place this will be a great opportunity not only for them but also for their children. There are a lot of best schools that are located near this condo. The main schools are Gan Eng Seng Secondary school, Crescent Girls school, and many others.

Delta Sports Hall and Tiong Bahru Park are the best recreational facilities that are located near this condo that area attract a lot of people toward itself. These facilities matter a lot to the people as they after working for the long hours want to get relaxed. This only 5 to 10 minutes to reach the basic and recreational facilities near them. Besides the facility of MRT stations that are located near the condo, the 16 bus stops are also located near this condo.




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