The condo that I am going to discuss is located in the Tanglin area. This project is not the high rise project. The length of this condo is medium and it is named as Clydesview. The construction of this condo is started in 1991. When we talk about the residential units that are contained in this condo near Redhill MRT, this condo is very small based on the number of units that are contained in it.

It is not the case that everyone buys the condo for the purpose of only living in it but some people get these living places on the rent basis. It is said that this condo is best and economical for the person if they take this condo on the rental basis. When we talk about the main location of this condo, it is located at the Jervois Lane 16 A. this area is the business area because every business flourishes in this area. The district number is 03. This district is located below the most expensive districts which are District 09 and 10.

It is also important for the buyer to take the outside view of the condo. For this purpose, it is necessary to take a look at the street of the condos. It is not the case that people only take the inside view and interior of the condo but they also take the outside or exterior view of this condo near Redhill MRT. The external layout is also very important for making the decision regarding the buying of the condo.

There are main facilities available in this condo. These facilities are related to the pool, restaurants and the recreational activities. All of these facilities include the swimming pool for the elders as well as for the children. They can lead their life enjoyable. People can easily carry out there all the parties in their condo as there is a facility available for lunch and dinner as well as BBQ pits. For the children and the elder, the tennis courts are available. People love to spend their free time playing tennis and this facility is also for the children. These recreational facilities in this small setting are attracting a lot of people.

The height of this condo near Redhill MRT is not very high but it is of the medium height. The 32 residential units that it contains are of the two types. The residential units are of two types. One type of residential units contains 3 bedrooms and the other type contains the 4 bedrooms. There is no other type of units except these two. If we talk about the total quantity of the rooms then we come to know that the residential units that have 3 bedrooms are 23.1 percent in the whole condo and the residential units that have 4 bedrooms are in 76.9 percent in the whole condo. If the people want to decrease their purchase value or the rental value you can decrease the surface area of the residential unit in which you are going to live.

As it is already mentioned, in this condo near Redhill MRT there is two type of residential units. One that has 3 bedrooms and the other one that 4 bedrooms. When we talk about the rental value of this condo, it came to know that this value ranges from 1000 dollars to 10,000 dollars. In this way, the size of the condo varies. The apartment size of the residential units of this condo ranges from 2,000 sq ft to 2,400 sq ft.

There are a lot of amenities attached to this condo. The main facilities that are attached are the grocery stores, pharmaceutical stores, and coffee shops etc. the important aspect for which this condo is famous is that it is a condo near Redhill MRT. This MRT station is located at the 15 minutes walking distance away from the condo. This is the facility of public transportation that is provided to the people. They can reach this station within 12 to 15 minutes.

The various convenience stores are also located at 13 minutes walking distance that is making the life of the residents very easier and convenient as they do not have to go too far off places. In short, we can say that it is the best place to live.

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