Many people want their condos or their living place near the Redhill MRT station. The name of the condo that I am going to discuss is Ascential Sky. The address of this condo is Alexandra view. The district is 03. The total tenure of this condo is 99 years. The condo near Redhill MRT developed is by the well-known developers who are named as Winpride Investment Pte Ltd also called Wingtai Asia. The condo is totally developed and available for sale in 2013. This condo contains very different types of residential units like 373. All the residential units are very beautifully developed and available for sale as well as for living of the people.

The main area of this condo is Queenstown. This area is very beautiful and this is perfect for the living of the people. Many people want to live in the area because it provides the beautiful view to the people and relaxed feeling. This condo is available for sale in the year 2013. This condo is ready for sale in 2013 and these people are going to have their keys.

This condo near Redhill MRT has a lot of educational facilities present near the living space. These educational institutions are making the condos best for the living of the people who have the school going children. The most famous schools that are near to this condo are Manasseh Meyer School, Sri Manasseh Meyer International school, Avondale Grammar School, Gan Eng Seng Primary School, Queenstown primary school, and most importantly Zhangde international school. All of these institutions are providing the best education facility to the people and the higher standard of studying.

The best facility provided by this condo is that it has a large number of the station located near it. All these are making the public transportation very easy throughout the country. It is best because of people living in this area are doing jobs and they have to go to other places for doing the job. This is the best facility as they do not have to go too far off places for getting a public transport by living in this condo near Redhill MRT. Not only Redhill MRT station, there are also many other stations that are present near to this condo. These stations involve Tiong Bahru MRT station and Queenstown MRT station. All of these stations are located at the small distance away from the condo.

The Redhill MRT station is located 0.15 km away and this is the reason it is called as Condo near Redhill MRT from the condo and the station name Tiong Bharu MRT station is located 1.21 km away from the condo and the other station that is named as Queenstown MRT station is located 1.38 km away from the condo. People can move to all other places through these stations. This facility is making the traveling very convenient. They walk from the condo to the station and from there they can easily reach any place.

There also various other facilities attached to this condo excluding all others. These facilities are equally for the elders as well as for the children. These facilities include a swimming pool as well as children pool. The facility of the jacuzzi is also available. The recreational facility is also present within and also near this condo near Redhill MRT. These facilities include clubs, loft for relaxation, leisure loft, Starlight Reflection Loft, Astro Interactive Loft, Zen fitness Garden, cosmos snooker loft and many others.

The other strong point of this condo is that 24 hours security is also available. This attracted a lot of people so that they can live in the secure environment. We can say that this condo is what everyone demands. This is best in terms of facilities attached to it, the secure environment it provides, the easy access to all the places of the country Singapore, recreational facilities, gaming area for elders a well as for the children, parking area for car, restaurants, and stations of BBQ. This is becoming the center of attraction for the people as well as investors who are interested in investing as its value in increasing day by day due to all facilities.

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