Apartment Condo near REDHILL MRT

When we talk about a great place for living in Singapore, then Redhill MRT comes in our mind. MRT stands for mass rapid transit. This area is bright and pretty. It is located in the central area. This area has a large number of facilities. This area is attractive because it is not a crowdy area. This is located along the East-west line above the ground station. It is adjacent to Alexandra Hill.

“The station and surrounding areas are named Redhill after red-colored lateritic soil found on the hill. It is a transport node for residents of Redhill and Alexandra, serving clusters of HDB housing developments, condominiums and schools around the Redhill and Alexandra area, along with businesses in the vicinity of Leng Kee Road”.
Due to the reason that many investors prefer this area of living, then many condos are developed in these areas. This condo near Redhill MRT is in high demand. One I am going to discuss is Echelon. It is no doubt a great place to live and it is a condo near Redhill MRT. It is standing tall on the Alexandra road. This area is a green and it is developed by the famous developers City developments limited. These developers are the reputable developer of Singapore. This condo is best as people can enjoy the thongs of convenience at their doorstep. Residents of this condo get all the things that are needed on the daily basis. The location of this condo is ideal and have beautiful surroundings.
This condo near Redhill MRT depicts the class, grandeur, and progress. This is a high rise condo is luxurious and is twin towers. It provides different amenities, facilities, and services to people who want perfect living and the best place for accommodating. In this condo, there are different types of residential units depending upon the demands of people who are buying. These units sometimes contain the single bedroom unit and also consists of the luxurious penthouse. All the details are carefully checked by the architects for creating the integrated, conducive, and the sustainable environment. This condo near Redhill MRT is located in an environment which helps in the growth of nature as well as of residents and people can flourish in a perfect harmony. All the facilities are available in one dynamic ecosystem. Residents can have a beautiful view of the gardens that are surrounding the condo building of Echelon. The botanic gardens, the southern ridges, and the Hortpark with the beautiful rolling hills of Mount Faber Park and Telok Blangah Hill park welcomes everyone with the breath of fresh air. The location of this condo is Alexandra view. Total tenure of this condo near Redhill MRT is 99 years. The total area covered by this condo is 107,094 square feet. A total number of residential units in this condo are 508 units. Parking lots in this condo are 513 lots. Condos are divided on the basis of a number of units and size.

1 bedroom unit has an area of 452 square feet.
2 bedroom unit has an area of 732 square feet.
3 bedroom compact unit covers the area of 861 square feet.
3 bedroom standard unit has an area ranging from 1001 sq ft to 1130 sq ft.
3 bedroom premium unit has an area ranging from 1292 sq ft to 1313 sq ft.
3 bedroom suite unit has an area ranging from 1292 sq ft to 1346 sq ft.
4 bedroom suite unit covers the area ranging from 1442 sq ft to 1572 sq ft.
5 bedroom penthouse covers the area ranging from 4047 sq ft to 4080 sq ft.


One of the best points of these condos is that these are condo near Redhill MRT.
The layout of the residential units is spacious, efficient, and regular.
For the selected units, home energy monitoring units are installed.
Near to the parks.
It is also close to reputable schools.
Easy access to shopping centers.
Very small distance to the central business district.
Facilities like entertainment, recreation, transport, shopping, and retail shops are available at a small distance.

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